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Buy Timberland Shoes in Ghana

For all your Timberland Shoes, buy them on Rostilupt at the best price. Timberland Shoes are made for the ideal fashionable, leisure and the industrial worker. They are made from top-notch leather materials and suede.

Varieties of the Timberland Shoes

Chelsea Boots

They are high top ankle boots that has a close-fitting with elastic slip at the ankle. They usually have a tap the back of the ankle, allowing the boot to be pulled on. Sometimes the  Chelsea boots features a buckle on the elastic slip to assist extra fitting. The Chelsea boots come in as many colorways as black, coffee brown, navy blue, blue, army green, orange brown.

Oxford Boots

Oxford boots from the Iconic Brand  features a low top lace up style. Made from the finest suede and premium leather, the ideal office executive are its lovers.

Desert Boots

The designer of the desert boot had both the casual and the official man in mind. They can be worn with jeans and suits as well.  Desert Boots are high top in nature, with lace up closure.

About the Brand

The Iconic brand Timberland, was born over 45 years ago when  Nathan Swartz  fully bought a foot wear company to provide quality and premium products with focus on footwear to its customers.  Till today, the brand lives to pamper your feet with its awesome shoes.

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